Told you that I went to that Nasty Mondays party last monday, but I didn't really tell you anything about that, so here's the extended update.
2 of my friends (Alby and Xoxi) and I, we picked up a train in my town and went to Barcelona. We arrived there at about 21:00 and went to have dinner at McDo's.
After that, we picked up some drinks spent some time on the street waitin for it to be late enough to get in.
I already heard that it was a sick party, but when we got in I just couldn't believe on how crazy it all was.
The music it was amazingly great, and also met really cool people there.
I can't wait to party there again!

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As they told me people there they dress as they want to, I chose what I feel more comfortable with to wear: black hose, big socks, black Dr Marten's boots and some high-wasted shorts with a black t-shirt. The leather jacket and the scarf they were just for the outside.

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Still can't get that much paint off my body! haha!

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Os dije que había ido a Nasty Mondays el lunes pasado, pero realmente no os conté nada sobre eso, así que aquí tenéis la entrada ampliada.
2 de mis amigos (Alby y Xoxi) y yo, cogimos un tren en mi pueblo y nos fuimos a Barcelona. Llegamos sobre las 21:00 y nos fuimos a cenar al McDo's.
Despues de eso, cogimos algunas bebidas y nos esperamos un tiempo en la calle hasta que fuese la hora de entrar.
Ya había oído que era una locura, pero cuando entramos no podía creerme la brutalidad de la fiesta.
La música era genial, y además conocimos a gente muy guay.
No puedo esperar para volver a salir por allí!

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