The Pretty Reckless.

I really love this band, and since I saw them live - I love 'em a lil bit more.
I've atended many concerts in my life, but definitelly, this was the best concert ever. They're awesome! And Taylor's really stunnin'!
It was such a long day, and I was really tired and kinda ill, I even felt dizzy many times but it all didn't matter when we started enjoyin' the concert.
Besides, we met a group of really nice girls who we spent the time in the que with. They were lovelly :3

Here you got some pics, but just one from the concert. May you not cry ;D

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My friend Cristina picked 2 guitar picks and she gave one to me! Isn't she lovelly? :3

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Hahaha This was inside the concert room! It was so hot in there and we were all sweat, but still I find this pic. funny!

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Fuckin' Goddess ♥

I haven't got over it yet, when tomorrow we're already leavin' to Madrid to see Paramore live. This is crazy!

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  1. Pedazo de concierto!
    Me gusta tu blog, te sigo ;)