To all my dear Tokio Hotel fans;
Okay; I'm sick and tired of bein' spamed by lots of you sayin' shit about me and talkin' @ my backs, but you know what gets me even more sick and tired? You to mess with my friends, you to spam them, you to call them fake, to just be playin with situations which you don't EVEN KNOW.
You wanna be fake? okay, go ahead, but just understand not everybody is like you.
You lie? alright, but don't you think that we ALL LIE, because that's another thing to proof how fake you are.
Fakes always think others are fakin' too. Stalkers think everybody stalks.
just go back because you're gettin in way too close to get burn, you know?
Alright, said that hope you just go back and stop with all that shit, cuz nowadays, famewhores totally suck.

love; Claudii Kerrigan <3

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