Here's the situation.
I'm here, sittin' infront of an empty screen and I only have you in my head.
I don't even know the reason why, nor if you're gonna stay longer, but to be honest, for me there's no hurry for you to go.
I know it's sad. I might be a masochist.
Eventhough all the pain you caused me, damn it, I can't avoid thinkin' of you...
And you see, I wanted to write about you, about us, sorry, about what we used to be.
But words just don't come up, and believe me I'm shakin'. I'm full of everythin', and I wanna throw up this "everythin'" that's killin' me right now, but fuck, I don't know how to say it.

I love you ?

I'm not sure. To be honest, I don't even think so.
But then, what the hell is this shit that's gettin' so deep inside of me?

Do I only miss you?
Do I regret what we once were but no longer are?

But how's it possible?
You hurted me a thousand times, you lied to me, you cheated me, you played with me
You made me believe you cared about me, and then you left me alone.
How can I miss somethin' that's been hurtin' me THE MOST for so fuckin' long time?

...Definitelly, I must be a masochist.

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