I just wanted to show the world the best bday present I've ever had.
Yes dude, it's a fuckin' letter from my fuckin' best friend abroad Caty♥ (@CatarinaBently)
She's the most beautiful and perfect girl you can ever know.
She's fuckin' lovelly, and we share almost it all<3
I really couldn't imagine a life without you baby, and believe me it sucked before knowin' you!
Cuz that's what best friends do, they fuckin' change your life, and they know it, and you know it, and you just can't stop lovin' it and lovin' her!
So I do baby.
So I love you<333

Thank you for your amazin' bday present, believe me, I'm gonna keep it forever <3

Claudii Kerrigan ♥ Catarina Bently

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