to all of those sicks.

To all of you, SICK fans, who talk bullshit about me and spread lies to make me look like a liar:

I'm NOT related to Tokio Hotel.
I'm NOT datin' Bill Kaulitz (Omfg does it sound just as stupid to you as it sounds to me?)
And yeah, why not; I have NO idea of what kinda underwear do the Kaulitz twins wear.

So now you know all this from 928759843252934857th time now, I hope you just leave this subject appart and start talkin' to me just as a fuckin' normal girl.
Cuz' girls, im sick of bein' judged for things I haven't said of done.

If you're still thinkin' I'm a liar, go ahead. I don't give a fuck anymore.

love, Claudii Kerrigan * * *

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