Bein’ a groupie is dificult, hard, a way full of misunderstandings, of bitterness, a way full of frustration and disappointment which rarely got a happy ending. Sex, drugs and Rock n’ Roll, we don’t know a better device, we are unstoppable, insatiable, we are the breath from those whom we Follow, their wings, their wind, and their rest bed, we are the ones who always stay in the shadows but we are the hardest strength. Many are lost to drugs, by a puff of weed, by an unnecessary strike of unhealthy shit, many get lost by followin’ fake idols, mediocre bands, or singers who got no idea of what good music is, much confuse what actually being a groupie is, and while some find in this term the ideal excuse to become cheap sluts, only few understand what it really means and they fight to be the best it's possible, to give more from themselves, give it all, give their existence a sense.


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